Creating pleasant feelings with billiard lights

While most people consider bright billiards, the yellow lights are built into the pool for lighting at night, most of them don’t realize there is a disco type billiard light that gives a great party vibration. These lights can sink into the bottom of the pool or floating above, but both styles usually come by replacing, dancing colored lights. This is a great idea for a party – people must talk about them for days to come! It is also a very pleasant idea for families with children. Here are some products on a good market for parties and family pool late at night with children.

Disco ball

Who doesn’t like the disco ball? Well now you can get that entered your pool, giving sparkling colorful vibrations. Your friends will love to get along around floating light the pool, listen to music and dancing at night.


Floating jelly fish, colorful will definitely be a hit with your children and friends at your next party. Jelly fish floats half on the water and half below, gives a truly beautiful light and colorful. This is a great idea for people who like fun and unique things!

Solar floating lights

Floating solar lights are a very good idea for everyday use. These lights can stay in the pool and automatically light up when the sun goes down. They are usually equipped with bright LED lights that will illuminate even the biggest and deepest pools. If you and your family enjoy swimming at night but don’t want to waste electricity with typical billiard lights, default, this is definitely a light for you.