Soccer Camps Go Global: Language Immersion Travel Camps Expand The World – View of Young Players


Soccer has been the most popular youth sport for the last 25 years. Major League Soccer was founded in 1996 by many of these youth soccer players.

The popularity and competitiveness of professional and youth soccer in the United States continues to increase, which has increased the need for specialized training programs. Many of these programs offer international training as a way for players to get involved in the highly competitive international soccer game. These soccer camps are more than just world-class training. These camps foster spbo independence, maturity, cultural diversity, and independence among young soccer players.

Unique experience for young soccer players

Soccer camps are now available in many countries. Soccer players from America have been welcomed to camps in countries like Spain, France and Brazil. An international soccer program [] has recently opened in Israel as well. These camps combine professional soccer training and a full immersion language experience.

Camps last anywhere from two weeks to several months. Young soccer players can learn to appreciate their host country’s unique culture while living and training under constant supervision.

Travel abroad programs require security.

Safety should be your top concern when you’re considering international soccer camps for your child. A solid international soccer camp will have a well-designed security plan. EduKick students in Israel will be trained at Kannot Youth Village, an educational and agricultural youth facility that is secure and gated. All outings will be accompanied by professional security, which will be available 24/7.

Full-immersion language instruction

Camp should not be considered a vacation for young players. Learning foreign languages is an important part of soccer abroad. Your child will be able to speak and hear another language, which is the best way to help them become fluent in bi-lingual communication. EduKick is a unique experience that includes bi-lingual instructors, competition against foreign teams, and structured classes in language.

Soccer training at the highest level

The ultimate goal of any soccer camp is to provide top-notch training. You should look for experienced, well-educated coaches who have coaching credentials. Coaches with the best coaching credentials have also played at professional levels.

International soccer is extremely competitive and offers a level of training unrivaled in the United States. You should only accept the best soccer coaching when choosing an international soccer camp. International soccer training should focus on strength, conditioning, tactical development, and sports psychology.

Enhancing the lives and playing skills of young soccer players

Joseph Bilotta, Corey Zimmerman and Corey Zimmerman were teenagers when they traveled to Europe with soccer team mates. This inspired them to start soccer training camps around the globe.

Bilotta recalled their experience abroad and said that she felt a sense confidence when they returned home. She knew that I was more knowledgeable, which made her feel special.